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Dawn M. Olson, a social worker in the maternity unit at Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, has seen her fair share of challenges faced by parents and infants who spend time here. Many of these infants are underprivileged, with their parents or guardians unable to provide them with necessary items to clothe and keep their new baby warm. After witnessing a new mother begging for a blanket for her newborn who was wrapped in tattered remains of a thin blanket, Dawn knew that she had to do something. She provided the woman and infant with several blankets and outfits for the baby, but knew it was not enough. How many other babies and families struggle for the basic need of warmth and comfort simply because of the hand they have been dealt?


After much planning and thought, Dawn launched the program that exists today - Newborn Baby Bundles - with the goal of providing underprivileged newborns with their "First Gift of Warmth". Dawn says that she thinks of a baby bundle as "a starter kit to get a newborn home from the hospital clothed and warm". In 2015, Dawn was awarded the Heroes of Humans Services Award for her efforts and the positive effect the charity has had in the area. Nine years later, Newborn Baby Bundles is gaining more attention than ever, with increasing amounts of donations each year. This is where you come in!

For more donation information, check out some of our other pages. You can follow along in our journey @newbornbabybundles on Instagram, Newborn Baby Bundles on Facebook, or email us at

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